The Sunshine Project for Community Inc (“SPFC”) assists other not-for-profit community organisations by funding renewables and energy efficiency systems for them.

Why was Sunshine Project for Community Inc established?

With the rising costs of living and static wages growth in Australia, the demand on the services of community not-for-profit organisations is rapidly increasing. Watching this trend, I started to wonder how our business, EcoProfit could help.

EcoProfit is a carbon and energy management business. One of its services is to make businesses and households carbon neutral. When companies buy carbon offsets, the offset programs are frequently based in developing countries, a long way from Australia. Being so spatially distant, the good work done there is often discounted. So, my wife Bec and I thought, what if our clients, who were going carbon neutral, could also help fund a 5kW solar system for Earth Recovery, Blue Mountains, a charity being overwhelmed by people-in-need. The program was designed so that a $1 of every carbon offset sold was donated towards the project. With the help of grant funding from Rotary, Ecoprofit was able to acquire the solar system and project manage its successful installation. Click here for more information

The Earth Recovery 5kW solar system was the first Sunshine Project. Since then, the dedicated incorporated association Sunshine Project for Community Inc has been formed. The current project is to assist Gateway Family Services. Click here for more information.

SPFC is ready to receive enquiries from not-for-profit organisations right across Australia that may be interested in being part of the Sunshine Project. Contact us.


Gateway Sunshine Project Target
Solar system installed and operating, Tesla Powerwall battery next
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Gateway Family Services


“Humans rely on the earth to survive. Over the last five decades there has been an accelerated shift in the odds of that reliance being available in the long-term. Socially, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. There are some worrying trends for the environment and social inequality, but there are so many people that give their enduring time and emotional input towards a wiser and fairer world at community level. Our mission is to help those people.”

Winton Evers President Sunshine Project for Community Inc.

Winton Evers President Sunshine Project for Community Inc.


“The Sunshine Project has helped to alleviate our energy cost burden and allowed us to allocate more resources supporting people in need. It has also generated tremendous local community awareness of what we do. The Sunshine Project is a win-win for all.”

Rosa del Ponte, Director, Earth Recovery, Katoomba

“It was great being part of the Sunshine Program to put a 5kW solar system on the roof of Earth Recovery, Katoomba. I like the fact we are helping that organisation to assist people in need. Going carbon neutral has also been a great promotional initiative for our business. I want my business in on the next Sunshine Project and beyond, as we go carbon neutral each year.”

Pat Jacob, Managing Director of Lock Trading Pty Ltd