I am excited to announce that Sunshine Project for Community Inc (“SPFC”) has succeeded in its application for a Community Building Partnership grant to fund the supply and installation of a 7kW solar system and Tesla Powerwall Battery 2 at Gateway Family Services, Blaxland. The grant is for $9,300 and is $1-for-$1 based.

A big thank you to Trish Doyle and her staff for this outcome.

Gateway is under extreme pressure, especially at this time, to help families under financial and emotional stress. This project will significantly reduce Gateway’s energy costs, allowing needed funds to be directed towards core mission programs.

I also believe that it helps people at the frontline to know they are supported by their local community. This renewable system will be a visual testimony of that support as it provides benefits to local community and the environment on an ongoing basis.

So far SPFC has raised $1,980 for the Gateway Sunshine Project via its carbon neutral program and by direct donation (thank you Meave). A special thank you too, to all our Drinking for Angus participants; your contributions are significant.

Progress has been hampered though, first by unprecedented nationwide fires and now coronavirus. Nevertheless, we march on and with Trish Doyle’s assistance, we now only need $7,500 to get this project completed.

If you are not yet a participant in the Ecoprofit carbon neutral program, please email me, ring or go to our website for info on how you can help progress the Gateway project, as you make your own significant contribution to local community and environment.

Direct donations are welcome too.

Any enquiries or thoughts are also welcome.

In conclusion, I believe the more we can work together as a local community, the more we can help each other to live happier lives in a new challenging world. This is the aim of the Sunshine Project.

Winton 31 March 2020